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In a previous blog post I shared a bit of the history of Boardwalk Capital’s property at 158 W Erie. Built as a fire station in the 1890’s, the three story structure was an integral part of the community we know today as River North. After the city sold the building in 1971, it was transformed into office space for a law firm, which is how the structured was used until we purchased it in 2014.

I’m pleased to share that the building has an exceptional new tenant-partner from England, Escape Reality.  Escape Reality offers unique entertainment and team building experiences that challenges players to solve a number of mental and physical challenges in the context of a fantasy scenario.

For example, one scenario might be that you and your team have been wrongly convicted of crime and are being held in a locked cell in Alcatraz.  The group would have 60 minutes to find a way to unlock the cell with only a few seemingly innocuous items available, like a tooth brush, pencil, comb, etc. Working together you’d find clues how you might escape the room and then once you do, you find yet another challenge to face before you earn your freedom. Here’s how Escape Reality describes their offering:

“We build the world’s best and most immersive escape game experiences. Our uber-real, movie-inspired thematic rooms engage the hero in you; as you overcome challenges and defeat your doubts on the way to victory.”

With locations in Leicester, Gasgow, Dubai, Las Vegas and several other cities, I’m very excited that Escape Reality has chosen 158 West Erie as their new home.  While the construction photos below don’t show too much, you can begin to imagine from the framing studs being installed, there are going to be many rooms in the space which will, undoubtedly, lead to many adventures.

Here’s a three minute video that suggests the challenges and excitement Escape Reality will provide. I look forward to providing a first-hand report on the Escape Reality Experience, once they move into their new space in a few months.